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When Ibn Khaldun said, “Geography is destiny.” probably he was not talking about today’s Turkey; though it became the very description of our lives. So tentatively, our destiny has not changed for over 600 years. What we experience is much like that, we couldn’t be a part of European culture, although we feel apart in many aspects with the Eastern one, as well. This in-between status, though sometimes may seemed favorable, left Turkey with a burden regarding to corporate globalisation.

More interestingly many Middle Eastern countries, which we Turks believed to be lacking vision, have created multiple global brands and added value to their countries. During the same time Turks have created none; “The West” of the Middle East, “The center of the World” according to Napoleon, The jewel of historic Silk Way brought no competition in global corporate environment.

We can hear you say “Come on now!” but this is just based on Forbes’ “Top 20 Countries by Global Brands Presented” list. Though since the topic is sensitive, we wanted to discuss with our friend Zeynel Özer, creative director at Müstesna. We talked about what he was up to and what he believes about Turkish advertising sector.

Berk Başyurt DOP
Mustafa Güngör Assistant DOP, Editing

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