Dare to Change

There is only one constant element in life; change.

A lot has changed in the 21st century. Though some concepts do not just simply change; -they evolve. And this was the case with creativity.

You wanna keyword with that? What about “Digital”? Digital technologies changed the way we approach (original) content. Users now participate in the creation, distribution AND consumption of content and this revolutionized both our culture, and the industry.

As a result, a new generation was born. Who are they, you say? They are the “Digital Natives”. Young people who grew up in a digital world. Dynamic people with access to the latest technologies and the skills to use them. They broke the norms. They changed the rules. They set the pace and now they need their brands to keep up. They need them to create a culture. A culture that they can belong to. A culture that is based on experience; not just words and promises. A culture where they share values with “their” brands. Where there is a connection between a brand and a person that is both fulfilling and reciprocal.

And this is a call for the “Native Brands”.

The brands that not only just exist – but also participate in people’s lives. Brands that do not only create products, but bring experiences. Products that are not just a set of helpful features, but perceptions and ideas that can come to life.

So wake up! It is the era of experience! The era where communication is redefined with new mediums everyday. Creative minds are meant to tell stories. Though, until now within the industry, despite the ever-advancing technology, they’ve moved backwards with unjustified deadlines and one-size-fits-all projects. Defined solely by numbers, both creatives and brands are becoming obsolete within the mass ocean of new communication mediums.

But now is the time to evolve.

We don’t have all the answers, nor do we propose that we will devise them. However, As UNC we don’t believe in excuses for the facts that we create. We invest in relationships, and we tend to play nicely with others. We kill the “Rockstars” and we empower the leading voices of the new mediascape and their cultures. We live and learn to tell our own stories; and now it is time we put yours in voice.

We are a new-age content studio. And we are just getting started.


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